Off Road Touring - Beginners' Guide

Off Road Touring - Beginners' Guide

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Each passing year I see more and more people getting into the off-road touring lifestyle.  It is a wonderful way to get to explore the great outdoors, travel to remote parts of the country, discover ancient landscapes and immerse in the diversity culture and country.  

As a new comer, developing the skill of off-road driving as well as preparing yourself for off-road touring is very important. 

This beginners guide is prepared with providing you with a basic understanding of how to prepare your vehicle and how to operate your 4x4 for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.


The areas covered in this guide are :

-Vehicle preparation.

-Daily vehicle checks.

-Tools, spares & recovery equipment to carry.

-Operating a 4x4 vehicle.

-How to drive in differing off road conditions.

-Vehicle recovery.

-Glossary of terms used.