Why Sound Deaden a 4x4 [Sound Level Test - 80 Series]

You may have heard of sound deadening in cars and wondered why this is important. Especially in an off road 4x4. As overlanding enthusiasts we travel on and off road for prolonged periods of time getting to our destinations. This means we spend a lot of time inside our vehicles. One part of making the ride comfortable is to have the interior noise levels as low as possible. This is determined by how much sound deadening has been done inside or how much noise is inside the car.

In this video I do a sound deaden test on my Toyota 80 series Landcruiser. I share with you how I test the noise levels in the car and what my 4x4 noise levels are.

When I bought my 80 series Landcruiser I sound proofed ( or sound deadened) the interior. Ideally I should have sound deadened the entire floor, roof and the doors. I only did the floor.  This has reduced the noise levels inside quite low. However not as low as they could have been had I done the doors and roof as well.  

Also, I need to mention, the material I used was not the best money can buy. 

Having said that, due to this sound deadening I can now have a conversation with my passenger without having to shout or listen to some music without having to turn the volume up high.

So if you are wondering why sound deaden a 4x4, then this video will show you the benefits.


Duncan Udawatta

App I used for testing DB levels in my 80 series Landcruiser : DB METER from the app store.

Where I Bought the sound deadening sheets:

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