Why A Long Range Fuel Tank?

So why a long range tank for my Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series you wonder. Well, when we are remote offroad overlanding here in Australia service stations can be quite hard to come by. So fitting a long range fuel tank for any 4x4 is a must. In my case the factory supplied Land Cruiser 80 series fuel tank is not adequate. As many of us would know the Land Cruiser 80 series fuel consumption is a far cry from economical.

For a long time, I managed with the factory fitted fuel tank and to have that extra fuel capacity, I carried fuel in jerry cans. But the problem I had was having to carry all these jerry cans on the roof. So I decided I had to do something about this. So off I went to my friends at Opposite Lock who supply and install custom 4x4 long range fuel tanks.

In this video I talk about the thinking behind my decision and getting the installation done.


Duncan Udawatta


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