My Spares Kit For Overlanding


Do I need spare parts to go overlanding is a question I regularly get asked by those who are new to the overlanding lifestyle. When I say yes, then the next question is What spares do I need to overland or how much spares to carry when going overland. Well there is no one size fits all answer. 

What spares to carry when overlanding depends on the 4x4 you have, what type of overland travel one does and how remote are you intending to overland to. In my opinion crucially important is how much mechanical knowledge does one have? Because you can carry all the spares in the world, but if you do not know how to carry out a repair, then it is of no point carrying a 4x4 touring spares kit in the first place.


In my case over the years of overlanding I have gained a limited amount of mechanical and repair skills but by no means is it a comprehensive skill set I have. In fact one of the reasons why I settled for an old school Land Cruiser 80 series is because it is bad enough I have very limited mechanical knowledge, when it comes to modern day electronics I do not understand it at all.

So my my spares kit for overlanding is based around my skill set and also my type of overland travel which is touring. I do not do off road travels where the 4x4 is constantly under heavy stress levels.

To mitigate any potential major breakdowns out in the middle of nowhere I also ensure my 4x4 is always well serviced and in the best of condition possible.

With all I've said above in mind, below is the list of spares I carry when I travel overland.

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Duncan Udawatta



(In no particular order)

-Zip ties (cable ties)

-Wire (for tying)

-Wheel nuts (or studs)

-Complete set of fuses

-Tyre valve caps

-Nut and bolts of various lengths and sizes to suite my vehicle.

-Spare bulbs/globes

-Kinetic 4 way universal tap opener.

-Hose clamps (assorted sizes)

-Funnels (in three sizes. useful when filling up fluids)

-Front locking hubs (not essential)

-Wheel bearings (front and rear) (not essential)

-Duck Tape (large)

-V Belts

-Electrical contact cleaner spray

-Grease (small tub)(not essential)

-WD 40 spray 

-Radiator coolant

-Engine oil

-Brake fluid

-Axel oil

-Transmission oil



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