How I Improved My Land Cruiser 80 Series Engine Performance


In this video I am going to share with you a few quick ways to improve engine performance. There are certain maintenance routines I put my Land Cruiser 80 series through to improve reliability and performance. Tthe more remote we travel the more important reliability and performance becomes.

Apart from sharing my 4x4 engine maintenance routine with you, if you are new to the lifestyle then consider this video as a 4x4 maintenance for beginners tutorial as well.

There are many modifications one can do to improve performance. In my case I always believe the more the modifications to squeeze out performance the more the compromise on reliability. So my take is to carry out routine maintenance as the engine's mileage builds up, there by keeping my Land Cruiser 80 series engine in the best possible condition.

The areas I touch on this video are - why decarbonise an engine and why install an oil catch can.

Disclaimer - Please note, I am not an expert in the area of motor mechanics. Nor am I trained in it. What I share with you through this video is what I have learnt over the years from those who are experts in the field. Also I am keeping to advice given to me by the garage which maintains my 4wd.


Duncan Udawatta

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