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 Late last year I learnt DICEROS our Toyota Land Cruise 80 series needed a complete rebuild of its rear diff. 350,000kms of mostly off-road travel had taken a toll. The front diff was also showing signs of wear. So it was decided both diffs will be rebuilt along with both the front and rear axels. 

The axel rebuilds would include all the drive shafts, wheel bearings, two front swivel hubs and seals. 

As I was planning for the diff rebuild I looked at what the cost would be to have two diff locks installed instead of having the diffs brought back to factory original state. After all having diff-locks would make this very capable four wheeler even more capable. 

To my surprise installing diff-locks worked out to be a fair amount cheaper than the quote I had got for a rebuild back to factory state. What this meant was having diff-locks installed was a lot more value.

Now I have to admit, I am mainly into off-road touring so diff-locks are not essential. But the considering the cost difference and that off-road capability was going to be immensely enhanced (even though in majority of my travels I would not need it) the value proposition could not be overlooked.


So diff-locks and a complete axel rebuild it was.

Then came the choice between air-lockers and e-lockers. 

In this video I tall you through my entire thought process, why I eventually decided on e-lockers, how a diff-lock works and whether you need diff-locks or now.


Hope you found this article and video useful. If you have any questions please write to me




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