20l Jerry Can Holder For Roof Rack

When overlanding to remote locations finding places to refuel can be very hard. So as overlanding enthusiasts we all look for increased fuel range. Further remote we desire to go, the more extra fuel we look to carry. The fuel tanks which come from the factory is very limiting in range. So one way to get extra range is by carrying fuel cans (jerry cans).

Since space is another limiting factor in our 4x4s, usually, the jerry cans would be located on our 4x4s' roof racks. Whilst this may be convenient, it is very important to make sure these fuel cans are secure. Especially when travelling off road over rough terrain. Leaving room for the possibility of the fuel cans falling off is not something any overlander can afford.

After much research we found the Front Runner Jerry can securing brackets to be the most suitable for our requirements. We have had these for quite a long time and done many outback trips with the peace of mind that the our fuel cans are safely stored away. 

The jerry can holder front Front Runner is primarily designed to be installed on Front Runner roof rack systems. However, with a minimum of modifications these holders can be adopted to fit onto any other type of rack with ease.

Whilst it is convenient to store on the roof rack it is critical to keep in mind the load capacity of the roof rack and more importantly the load capacity of the roof it self. 

In this video I show you how the fuel can holder is installed and how it works.

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