Trip Report | Flinders Ranges South Australia

After every trip I share various travel information I feel would be useful to anyone planning or thinking of overlanding to that destination. In this video I share travel  information from our trip to the Flinders Ranges. So if you are thinking of travelling to this magnificent part of SA, I hope the information I am sharing will be of use. 

There are many places to stay in the Flinders Ranges. Accommodation ranging from camping to ultra luxury and everything else in between. Many pastoral stations in the area has opened up their properties for overland tourists. At the same time the national parks also offer camping facilities.

If you are a 4x4 enthusiast and would like to take in the views of the Flinders Ranges from view points only a 4x4 can get to, then many of the private properties offer 4x4 tracks.

In our case we decided to stay at Rawnsley Park station as our base. Day 1 we did a 4x4 track within the station and on day 2 we ventured into the national park.

**Please note depending on when you are reading this article some information may have changed. So please make sure you get updates from the external sources such as SA National Parks.



Duncan Udawatta




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Where to stay in the Flinders:

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Park and camping fees:


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