TRAIN CHASING In Bad Weather | Overlanding Flinders Ranges South Australia

So we are still on our overlanding road trip to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. One of the many things to do in the Flinders ranges, apart from the breathtaking scenery, is to take a ride on the historic steam train the Pichi Richi. This we did a few days earlier. Now it is the time to see this historic steam train from the outside as it travels through the Flinders Ranges.

Our day started pretty well, but thanks to poor time keeping on my part things did not go to plan. By the time we got to an awesome sport to view the Pichi Richi pass by the steam train had already gone past. We then decided to camp out and wait for the return of the train from the historic South Australia railway town of Quorn to Port Augusta. Little did we know the weather Gods had other plans. Then as all seemed lost and we had given up, there was a second chance.

If you are thinking of where to travel in South Australia, this is a beautiful part of the state highly recommended.

Being based in Adelaide, South Australia, this channel is all about overlanding this state in our trusty 4x4 Land cruiser 80 series. The Flinders ranges in one of our favourite destinations for camping so you are sure to find many travel videos here.

If you are wondering about things to do in the Flinders Ranges, Planning to travel South Australia or trying to figure out where to travel in South Australia browse through the playlists.


Duncan Udawatta


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