The Australian Outback - Amazing Beauty

Many we speak to always asks us what it is we find so fascinating about the outback. "It's all flat dusty desert land" many say. In reply we tell them they need to travel into the outback to truly experience and appreciate its beauty and diversity.

The problem is, many have got too accustomed to the attractions of the big cities and holiday resorts. To us and many overlanders out there, we are the privileged lot. We get to travel to far distant locations only a 4x4 can take us to.

In the process of getting there by way of overland we get to witness and experience everything along the way.

The outback might seem a desolate, dusty place but look deep inside and you will begin to see amazing beauty and diversity in the ancient Australian landscape. Remnants from the years gone by brings about a certain mystery to the land. Add to the this the rich human & geological history and you are in for an amazing overlanding experience.

Camping under a zillion stars, surrounded by all this beauty is certain to bring about a deep calming sense. A form of escapism from the rush of the real world.

In this short film we try to display this beauty and diversity with the hope those who have never ventured into the outback will get a tiny glimpse of what lies in the Australian outback.


Duncan & Ajanie 


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