Pink lake Bumbunga | Overlanding South Australia

Seen the pictures of pink lakes and wondering where to see pink lakes in Australia. Well there are a number of pink lakes in South Australia. The nearest to Adelaide is pink Lake Bumbunga located in the outback town of Lochiel. In this video, we pack up our beloved Land Cruiser 80 series and head from Adelaide to the Clare Valley. From here we take a drive to Lake Bumbunga which is only a few hours drive from Adelaide. If you are on your way to the amazing Flinders Ranges then this is a must do excursion.

How to visit Lake Bumbunga Pink Lake you ask. Well there are two ways. First route is through the wine country of the Clare Valley and the other is through Port Pirie and Port Augusta in South Australia. This pink lake is certainly a feasting to the eyes of any overland travel enthusiast.


Duncan Udawatta



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