Kangaroo Island | Cape Willoughby - Prospect Hill | South Australia

It is day two for us and we are spoilt for places to visit in Kangaroo Island (South Australia.) We are based at Antechamber bay campsites in Lashmar Conservation park. One of the best camp spots we have ever been to in Australia. On one side we have access to Chapmans river and a mere 200 meters away is the beach where the river meets the Souther Ocean.

Today we set our sights on exploring Cape Willoughby lighthouse. South Australia's first lighthouse built in 1852. Thereafter, we climb Prospect hill. Matthew Flinders climbed Prospect Hill when navigating the North Coast of Kangaroo Island to determine his bearings in 1802. Visitors can now climb this steep sand hill. Views from the top include panoramic views of Pelican lagoon and Pennington Bay.


Roads on Kangaroo Island are all very well maintained. Including gravel roads. So there is no need for a 4x4 vehicle to explore this beautiful island. Any vehicle will do.

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Duncan & Ajanie Udawatta

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