Flinders Ranges South Australia | Rawnsley Park | Overland 4x4 Trip

If you are into the overlanding lifestyle, then the Flinders Ranges in South Australia is a must! It is the largest mountain range in South Australia stretching a distance of 430km north to south. It is an ancient land when over 600 million years ago the area was the bottom of sea bed. As time passed the sea disappeared and subsequent volcanic activity gave rise to what we know today as the Flinders Ranges.

If you are wondering what to see and do in the Flinders Ranges then this video show cases what to expect. If you are into 4x4 overland travel, then the Flinders Ranges offers some of the best 4x4 tracks in the state.

There are many places to stay in the Flinders Ranges. If you are wondering where to camp in the Flinders Ranges we highly recommend Rawnsley Park Station to base your self. They offer basic camping to high end luxury accommodation.

Over four days we explored various parts of the Flinders Ranges including the Rawnsley Park 4wd tracks. This 4wd track offer two sections. One suitable for both 4x4 vehicles as well as AWDs. The second part is strictly 4x4 vehicles only as low range is required. The drive to the high look out point is challenging due to loose shale forming the surface. But once at the top you are rewarded with some spectacular views of the ranges.

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Duncan & Ajanie 


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