A Secret Lookout and Silo Art | Overlanding Flinders Ranges South Australia

So we are on a road trip in South Australia. Overlanding in our trusty Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. It is part of a two week long road trip with a mixture of off road 4x4 adventure as well as on road sights to take in. I take the scenic route passing through wine country in the Clare Valley and various South Australian outback historic towns such as Melrose, Laura, Burra, Wilmington and eventually ending up in the southern Flinders Ranges.

Many (especially those in other Australian states) ask us what to see in South Australia or where to go in South Australia. In reply we say there is plenty. If it is 4x4 off road overlanding then there is so much open spaces to explore. Alternatively, on the other hand, if you are not into the 4x4 off road lifestyle but still want to explore remote locations then there is many scenic locations and historic towns to see. If you are into art then you have to take the time out to see the silo art. The level of detail in these art pieces will simply amaze you. As part of silo art Australia there is plenty in South Australia.

In this video I share with you some of the historic towns I pass through, eventually ending up in the outback town of Wilmington where my wife and I meet up with some friends. Locals from Wilmington. They take us to a secret lookout only the locals know. It takes some serious off road 4wd driving getting there. But once we get to the lookout, all the efforts of getting there was well worth it.



Duncan Udawatta


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