A New Head Light | Excellent Wide Beam | Weighs only 35 ounces!

If you're looking for a new head light for camping, then you're in luck! In this video, I'll share with you one of the best head lamps for camping that is both stylish and functional. Best of all, it costs less than $15(Australian).

Whether you're camping in the dark, working in your 4x4 / car or just need a supplementary light while hiking, this head lamp is a perfect choice. 

I have a number of head lamps I carry in the 4x4 (DICEROS). These were purchased a number of years ago. Been abused many times, yet they still work very well. However it was time to get something new with better light output and spread. 

After having done some searching on Amazon I found the light I explain in detail in my below video. 

Hope it is useful for you too.

Key Features:

-230°Wide Beam.

-Featuring high bright COB and LED light source

-5 Light Modes.

-Rechargeable Batteries (USB C Charge cable included).

-Motion Sensor.

-Lightweight & Adjustable Headband.  3.5 ounces.



Duncan & Ajanie Udawatta 


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