Portable Outdoor Hot Shower System For Overlanding | Joolca Hottap - REVIEW


A year ago I bought a hot water camp shower system during our overlanding trips. In this video I do a review of this product. The make and model I bought was the Joolca Hottap V2.

Powered by gas, this system provides an instant hot water shower after a long day of overlanding. If you are into camping, the great outdoors and wondering how to get hot water when overlanding then this is one product you need to consider.

 The Joolca system not only provides instant hot water showers it is also a great product for getting instant hot water for any other use. The real test of the product comes when in an actual camping situation where you have set up camp and looking to get yourself a good camp shower to wash all that dust and perhaps mud away.

Whilst I had no doubt about the quality and functionality of the product the main concern for me was the consumption of water. After all, when we travel outback Australia finding water supplies can be a very rare opportunity. So every drop has to be sparingly used. With consideration to the amount of limited water supplies I can carry in my Landcruiser 4x4 the idea was to have a hot camp shower using less than 9 litres between the two of us. Is this possible with the Joolca Hottap V2 system? Unfortunately not. Even with the water flow set to the lowest setting and being quite quick with the shower we still consumed 12 litres. I guess this varies from individual to individual. So the best way to manage this is by deciding on how often one needs to take a shower.

Incase you missed my video during the unboxing of the Joolca Hottap V2.

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