Our Camp Setup - Keeping It Simple

When we overland we try to keep our camping set up as simple as possible. For us the main criteria is to enjoy the journey, meet fellow travellers and locals, spend time with them, learn the local history and geology. So setting up camp is something we want to spend as little time as possible.

We also like to be organised as this makes our life so much easier. So when overlanding everything from food, drink, toiletries, recovery gear to vehicle parts are all put into labled light weight boxes which are in turn placed in the vehicle in order of access convenience. So for example the box containing all the 4x4 spares and fluids is placed way to the back with the hope that we never need to access it. The food box (or boxes depending on the trip) is placed closer to the front providing easy access.

By keeping it simple we are able to set up camp in a matter of minutes.

In this short video we share with you our camp set up.

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Duncan & Ajanie 


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