OLight Swivel LED Light | Product Review

Swivel Orange LED Light From OLight 

When I overland I carry a number of self powered, rechargeable LED flash and flood lights. In addition to the convenience factor, having these lights means a lot less dependance on the accessory lights working off the battery of the vehicle. 

A few months back, for the very first time, I tried out the OLight brand which specialises in illumination products big and small. That product was a very small (fits in my palm) LED flash light called the OLight S1R Batton II. Considering the size it packed a big punch and the build quality was very impressive. This now stays permanently in my 4x4. 

Since that first impression, I have now got my self a second OLight product. The Swivel Orange as it is known. This is a flash light + a work flood light.  As the name suggests the light can swivel on its base giving the user the flexibility to angle the light as desired. Other thoughtful features include heavy duty magnets on the swivel base so you can attach it to any metal surface, ability to hang the light and LED light indicators for the level of charge the battery has.

The light is charged using a USB C connection. The charging cable is supplied with the product. A full charge is said to be around 3.5 hours. 

As with the OLight S1R Batton II the Swivel Orange also packs a punch despite being small and light.  

Click the banner below to explore the product on the OLight website.  


Floodlight mode                             High                Medium             Low
                                                      400 lumens    160 lumens       12 lumens
                                                       5hrs                  9hrs                 90hrs
                                                       25m                 15m                  5m
Flashlight mode                             High                        Low
                                                      200 lumens          50 lumens
                                                       5hrs                        27hrs
                                                      80m                         35m
Shock proofing - 1m
Water resistance - IPX4 (splash resistance from any direction)
Weight - 180g
Size (Folded) - 123mm(L)*51mm(W)*35mm(H)
Watch my unboxing video.

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