Offroad GPS For Under $200 - Long Term Review

One year ago I did a video on how to set up a budget offroad gps for overland travel. In this video I do a long term review on this offroad navigation system.

When I travel remote overland in Australia, being prepared for offroad navigation is very important. Due to the vastness of our country with hardly any civilisation for 1000s of kilometers, It is important to know how to navigate in the outback. So, in my 4x4, I take with me offroad maps in the form of an offroad gps and printed maps. Is this the best offroad navigation gps you may wonder. Well it is, in my opinion, certainly the best value. The device is not a stand alone offroad gps unit. Rather a low price point tablet with Hema Explorer App installed.

Hema Maps are the most comprehensive and the most popular choice in Australia. Hema maps are also available for North America.

In this overland gps review, I talk of how the device has stood up to the test of time. How the Hema maps have faired and whether you can get this system for the same value I got one year ago.

I also mention various tips and points to keep in mind.


Duncan Udawatta

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