How To Select A Sleeping Bag

Getting a good nights sleep when camping in the outback during an overlanding trip is very important. A fresh mind and body is what makes an outback adventure that much more pleasurable. For the longest time we have carried a big and heavy blanket during our camping trips. Whilst this is warm and does its job, it was time to switch to a sleeping bag.

In choosing a sleeping bag I had to make sure I selected the best sleeping bag for our requirements so that we both slept well at night making our travel enjoyable. Outback conditions can be quite cold at night so the temperature rating of the sleeping bag had to be suitable. Also the sleeping bag outer lining had to keep moisture out as we both enjoy sleeping out in the open at times. Further more the sleeping bag had to be compact enough so not to take up too much space in our 4x4 and also not too heavy either.

Selecting a sleeping bag (especially if it is your first time) can be confusing. There are some vital points that needs to be considered. Such as - Sleeping bag temperature rating, what type of sleeping bag, mummy type of sleeping bag or rectangular sleeping bag, synthetic sleeping bag or down type sleeping bag, etc. In this video I take you through all this so that if you are out looking to travel Australia, do some camping and have an enjoyable time then selecting a sleeping bag will be an easy, more informed process.Especially if you are new to this lifestyle. 

Also explained in this video is how to join two single sleeping bags to make a double sleeping bag.

After much research I settled for two Oztrail Alpine View Mega Hooded -12 single sleeping bags which can be converted to a double sleeping bag when the need arose.


Duncan Udawatta




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