How To Get Hot Water When Overlanding



Hot to get hot water outside is or better still what is the best portable hot water shower for camping is a question we the overlanding community always ask our selves. Whether it is for a 4x4 or a camper van there are two main types available. 12v shower systems or a portable gas shower. After a long hot dusty day of travelling there is nothing quite like a hot shower before settling down to camping.

In my case I searched for the best 4x4 shower system for overland travel as I needed something portable and robust for off road travel abuse. An electric 12v shower system was my first consideration but due to lack of sufficient space in my 80 series, I looked at gas portable shower systems. After much research I came across the Joolca Hottap products range. They offered a portable, easy to set up gas shower system with three different variations.

Joolca Hottap V2 Outing was the most suited system for my requirements. So that's what I ended up with. So in this video I share with you my initial thoughts on this portable shower system. According to the manufacturer, at the minimum water flow setting the flow rate is 2.5l/min. Going by this if I am fairly quick should be able to manage a decent shower using 5l per person. That's a 2min shower. In reality this may not be the case. If the supply is from a river or stream then no worries.

NOTE - the fitting of the filter collar should be the other way around to what i show in the video.


Duncan Udawatta


Where I bought the Joolca Hottap V2:

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