Front Runner Expander Camping Chair Review | Overlanding Product Impressions

It was time for us to get some new camping chairs. So we set out looking for the best camping chair in the market. At least the best for our needs. Whilst comfort was important, ease of packing was also very important to us.

Eventually we settled on the Front Runner Expander Camping Chair which suited our overlanding needs. What we liked the most about this camping chair is how small it is when packed away. With packing space being a premium in our 4x4 this camp chair's unique collapsing design makes the Front Runner chair the smallest and easily the best portable camping chair for our needs.

So in this video I take you through the pros and cons of this camping chair. share it's specifications and also do a brief comparison between the collapsing camp chair and the conventional type of camping chairs.

This chair is not only for camping purposes, it can also be used as a fishing chair. In fact it's sitting position is better suited than a conventional camping chair.

The Front Runner Expander Camping Chair can be purchased from Amazon.


Here is the link to go to the product (*affiliate link) :

Front Runner Expander Chair specs:

Weight capacity - 115kg/253lbs

Chair weight - 4kg/9lbs

Seat height - 43cm/17in

Seat width - 50cm/20in

Folded dimensions - 43x5x40cm/17x2x16in


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Cheers! Duncan Udawatta

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