Front Runner Collapsing Chair - Long Term Review

Six months ago was time for us to get some new camping chairs. Whilst comfort was important, ease of packing and space consumption was also very important to us.


Eventually we settled on the Front Runner Expander Camping Chair . What we liked the most about this camping chair is how small it is when packed away. With packing space being a premium in our 4x4 this camp chair's unique collapsing design made the Front Runner chair the smallest and easily the best portable camping chair available. 


Our initial impressions video.


So six months and several uses later what do we feel about this chair?

Well, it certainly takes up very little packing space compared to all the other options available. We  managed to free up a considerable amount of space in our fourbie. The previous chairs we had was the type that folded into a long cylindrical shape. The new camp chairs fits nice and flat underneath our swag (which sits where the rear seat of our 80 series used to be.) 

The build quality is of a very high standard. As expected from Front Runner. All the moving parts are as good and sturdy as the day we first got the chairs. 

Despite sitting on the floor underneath our swag and other stuff we tend to chuck on top the powder coating is yet to show any signs of scratches. 

As for comfort, have to admit it is not the most comfortable camping chair available. It is certainly not the type of chair you can slouch on. It is also not a camp chair where you can stretch your feet out onto. Having said that, it is still quite a comformtable chair in its own way. This combined with the very small packing foot print it takes up, this was a good purchase. 

We hope you found this article useful. Please write to us if you need any more information. 

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Duncan & Ajanie 

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