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We just bought our selves a 10 in 1 multi function folding camping shovel and also a compass.

When we go bush camping we need to carry at least the basic of camping essentials. A shovel is certainly one such gadget. A shovel can have many uses. A shovel which also acts as a multi tool can be even more useful. The shovel we purchased offers the function of a short handle shovel/spade, saw, knife, fork, fire starter, whistle and also a pick axe. When not in use the telescopic handle comes apart in three pieces and the shovel head folds away. All this fits neatly into a small enough pouch which can be stowed away very easily.

This shovel can also be part of your 4x4's recovery gear kit.

The folding shovel is made of high carbon stainless steel, which makes the shovel strong yet light and rust-free.


Size: 18cm*18cm*4.5cm

Shovel size: 14cm*11cm*0.2cm

Total Shovel length: 63cm

Hoe size: 11.5cm*2cm

Total Hoe length: 59cm

Weight: 990g


As for the compass, in an age of GPS navigation a compass is almost not necessary. However, to us a having a compass is a backup navigation tool just in case the GPS happen to malfunction for some reason. Also despite the technology at our fingertips, printed maps has always been our primary navigation aid. We find is a lot easier to mark out routes with a map spread out over the bonnet/hood (or a table) as compared to having to scroll and zoom in an out. Maps also can be very social during trips with every one on the journey congregating around it during route planning.

Compasses can be particularly useful when we travel remote here in Australia and at times getting our bearings right can be quite the challenge without some kind of navigational aid.

This compass comes in a steel case with the compass in an oil float. For the more enthusiast detailed reading are available for that more precise navigation and map reading. This compass is water and shock proof as per the manufacturer.



Check out the 10 in 1folding shovel at Amazon:

Check out the compass at Amazon (*affiliate link):

Our printed maps are from Hema Maps (affiliate link). Click the link to explore the wide rage they have on offer. 


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Duncan & Ajanie Udawatta

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