Ever considered freeze dried meals for overlanding as an alternative to offroad travel and cooking? Well, this video is our very first freeze dried meals review. Or you could say it is our first freeze dried food taste test.

We love food. The adventure of overlanding through vast Australia and camping in the middle of no where gives us enormous appetites for good food. But we never considered freeze dried meals for camping until today.

When we travel remote offroad, we tend to carry everything we need to be self sufficient for several days if not weeks. Australia is a vast country and civilisation can be many 100s of kilometers away. So being prepared is vital.

Carrying fresh veggies and meat in our 4wd is not so difficult but we are always looking for ways to reduce the load on our 4x4's freezer and also improve on better utilising our limited packing space. So, freeze dried meals makes a lot of sense as they don't need freezing and they take up a lot less space.

So in this video we share with you our very first freeze dried food taste test as part of our attempt at sharing with you some overland food tips.

Have to admit we are more of  food consumers than people who loves preparing food, but never the less as part of sharing our camping tips let's see how this goes :)


Duncan Udawatta


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