12v motorised scissor jack with impact wheel spanner and air compressor

We are always on the look out for products / gadgets which will make our lives a little bit easier. Especially when we are travelling. Convenience has always been a key criteria for us.  


 This may not be all that suitable for off road heavy duty use. However, we don't always travel in our 4x4. At times we take the smaller vehicle where the route we are taking does not require a 4x4. In the event we have to change a tyre one thing I absolutely hate with a passion is having to work the scissor jack which manufacturers provide as standard equipment. These are the most difficult jacks to operate. As much as motor vehicles have improved in leaps and bounds over the last forty plus years one thing they have never bothered to improve has been the factory provided jack.

In the city it is no so bad, we can always call road side assist to have the tyre changed. But when in areas where this assistance is hard to come by a more easier to use jack is welcome. 

This is why we bought a motorised scissor jack. This particular model comes with the jack, impact wheel spanner and a light duty air compressor. 

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