Efficiently Running Fridges When Overlanding

How to keep fridges running efficiently when overlanding. This is a common discussion point when I meet with fellow overlanders. There is no one perfect way. Each overlander has their own way of achieving this.

Whilst there are very modern high tech systems available I have gone for a simple system. Simple makes my life easy, especially when I have to trouble shoot during an overland trip. I have very limited technical and mechanical knowledge so I try to keep everything in my 4x4 set up as simple as possible.

Refrigerators are essential in overland travel. Especially when travelling through the harsh remote outback country we have here in Australia. These invaluable units keep our food fresh and the drinks cold.

In this video I share a simple system/practise I have developed to keep my refrigerators running throughout a trip without running down my batteries. It is by no means the only (or the best) system available. However, it works for me and I am quite happy with it.

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