DC DC Charger | Tyredog TPMS | LED Lanterns - Long Term Review

In this video I share with you my long term reviews of the Tyre dog tyre pressure monitoring system, Intervolt DcDc charger and some cheap LED lanterns I bought on a whim.

If you are new to overlanding, just bought your first 4x4 or looking for general information on the overland off road 4x4 lifestyle you may ask WHY DO I NEED A TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM or WHY DO I NEED A DCDC CHARGER IN MY 4X4. Your questions will be answered in this video.

At the time of having the Intervolt DCC Pro DC DC charger installed there were many other good brands available too. However, for me the decider was the standard LCD display that came with the unit. Where as with other makes of DC DC chargers the display unit was an optional extra. As expected this display has made my experience with the DC DC Charger even more rewarding.

So, it has been over a year since I installed the dc dc charger to my dual battery system in my 80 series and it has also been over a year since I installed the TyreDog tyre pressure monitor. These have been very useful to me, especially during remote outback camping trips. They have also stood the test of 4x4 off road abuse.

As for the LED Camping Lanterns, this was one of those cheap buys where I did not care about quality or reliability. My purchase decision was purely based on price. At the time of the purchase, considering the price paid, I was going to be happy if these rechargeable LED lanterns would last me six months. Yet here they are six years later, still going strong.


Duncan Udawatta 

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