Simpson Desert - The Bad News and the Good News


The Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park is a definite inclusion in any 4x4 overlander's bucket list. It is one of those iconic places in Australia, sharing the same status as say Cape York. 

We were fortunate enough to do the Simpson crossing (west to east) back in 2017. It was one of the most memorable trips we have ever done. Doing it again is certainly in the list.

This park remains closed from 1st December to 15th March each year. Despite having passed the opening date this year (at the time of writing this post - 15th April) the park remains closed due to significant flooding in some areas. Particularly on the South Australian side. 

From information we have been able to gather, the flats at the Spring Creek Delta are underwater and expected to be impassable for some time. The park will continue to remain closed until the Mt Dare Hamilton road is repaired. 

Park rangers are active in the area. Especially at Dalhousie Springs and will be reporting any vehicles trying to get through the reserve. Severe fines and penalties will be imposed. 


Access to the park is possible from the Birdsville side (QLD). However, this is only up to Poppel corner. 

Binns track between Mt Dare and Old Andado is also closed. 

Speaking to Graham at Mt Dare Hotel, they are hoping to have the tracks opened towards the end of April. That is if the graders can get the job done quickly enough. 

So that is the bad news. Now for the good news. That is, with all the rains this region has had the area will be filled with wild flowers and an abundant bird life for some time. However, this will not last too long as the winter sets in. So if you are able to take some time off and make the trip, the crossing will be spectacular! It is one of those once in a while opportunities. 

For more up to date information visit the Mt Dare Hotel web page. 

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Hope this was helpful.

Duncan & Ajanie 


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