Big Boost To SA's National Parks


The South Australian National Parks are building new experiences, improvements and facilities across the entire state. This includes fossil and mountain biking experiences, new multi-day walks, trails, roads, campgrounds, kayak launches and car parks. All this is part of the state government's $130 million spending which forms the Parks 2025 investment initiative.

These initiatives include:

Statewide initiatives

  • Nature-based Tourism Co-investment Fund: $5 million investment to assist the private sector to deliver sustainable, quality tourism experiences in the state’s national parks, reserves, botanic gardens, and Crown land.
  • Statewide park renewal: $7.1 million investment to improve existing park facilities including improvements to signage, campgrounds, toilets, trails, roads and carparks, as well as improved accessibility for park visitors at day-visitor sites.
  • Community Access to National Parks projects : $1.5 million investment to improve local park infrastructure.

Fleurieu Peninsula

  • Creating the Wild South Coast Way on the Heysen Trail: $6 million investment to create a new multi-day walking experience on the Fleurieu Peninsula, which will provide an economic boost to the region and better connect the parks along the state’s southern coastline.
  • Hiking and mountain-biking on the Fleurieu Peninsula: $3 million investment to formalise designated mountain-biking and hiking trails in Fleurieu Peninsula parks and reserves.

Flinders Ranges and Outback

  • Creating the southern Flinders Precinct: $10 million investment to create a new nature-based tourism destination in the southern Flinders Ranges.
  • Ediacara Fossil Experience: $3 million investment to establish an iconic visitor precinct in Nilpena: Ediacara Conservation Park.
  • Improvements to parks in the northern Flinders Ranges: $2.5 million investment to expand park facilities.
  • Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park: $1 million investment to revitalise South Australia's most iconic landscape.

Kangaroo Island

Yorke Peninsula

  • Improvements to visitor facilities in Dhilba Guuaranda-Innes National Park: $3 million investment to enhance the overall appeal of the park by improving its key sites and services.

Eyre Peninsula

  • Improvements to parks on the Eyre Peninsula: $2 million investment to diversify the nature-based experiences on offer for visitors to the region.


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