OVERLANDING FOR BEGINNERS - What type pf vehicle?

Welcome to a beginners guide to overland travel. I put together this series - Overlanding for beginners as I felt majority of the channels out there are more aimed at those who are already into the lifestyle, but not so much information available for those looking to get into overlanding lifestyle as a newbie. No matter where you may live, there are many amazing locations to visit and experience. No better done than by overland travel as this gives you the opportunity to experience everything along the way. There is so much to see in the Australian outback. To get into this lifestyle, to go camping off the beaten track, a capable vehicle is a must, so in this second part I share with you my knowledge on vehicles with the hope of helping you decide on the type of vehicle that would suit your requirements. Without going into much technicalities my attempt is to offer you basic information and knowledge so that this gives you a starting point in your journey of getting into the overlanding lifestyle which I guarantee will not leave you once the bug has bitten you :)



Duncan Udawatta 

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