In the previous part  of this series on overlanding for beginners I talked about the type of vehicles to consider when getting into offroading / overlanding. This video is the follow up  where I talk about the basic vehicle modification and vehicle accessories you need to have when venturing into offroad touring.

There are loads of vehicle modifications and accessories available in the market place today. But all you need are a few basic ones to get you started in this lifestyle. With these you will be able to get to many destinations and enjoy that great outdoors 4x4 adventure.

Overlanding (or offroad touring ) is an amazing way to truly enjoy the journey in a literal sense. We have a wonderful planet worth exploring and no better way than by overlanding. With these basic vehicles modifications and vehicle related accessories you are well on your way. The main purpose of my series is to offer a basic knowledge to anyone looking to get into the overlanding / offroading lifestyle.



Duncan Udawatta 


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