Are you thinking of getting into the offroading overlanding lifestyle? Or are you already an overland traveller looking to gain more knowledge? Then this video series is for you!

Having been travelling overland / offroad for over 20 years, I have put together this series on Overlanding for beginners. Sharing my experiences for the benefit of the wider community, especially those looking to get into this wonderful lifestyle.

Travelling overland by 4x4 truly presents the opportunity to enjoy the journey whilst the destination is only one part of the bigger picture.

Having talked on types of vehicles, modifications to vehicles, basic camping gear, communications & safety, I now talk on trip planning in this video. Whether it is a short trip for a few days or a long extended trip into remote part of the country, putting effort into pre-planning makes my trips so much more pleasurable. Planning helps me to make sure I don't miss any opportunities that would make it a truly a memorable experience.


Duncan Udawatta

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