Inserting Coordinates To A GPS | What Is Longitude Latitude | Overlanding With Hema Maps Australia

In this overlanding tutorial I show you how to insert coordinates to Hema Digital Maps, explain what is latitude and longitude and show what is a gps coordinate.

As overlanding enthusiasts we like to travel far off the beaten track in our 4x4 overland vehicles. The further we go the more challenging it becomes in many respects. One of them is navigation. More particularly off road navigation. Here in Australia the most widely used GPS navigation tool is Hema maps. Hema Explorer being the most popular.

Imagine you are about to set off on a remote overlanding trip to outback Australia for a much deserved camping adventure in your 4x4. A mate of your gives you the gps coordinates to a point of interest and tells you it is the best camping spot in Australia. But you do not know what to do with this single set of coordinates. This video is dedicated to explaining what coordinates are, the types of different gps coordinate formats and how to understand them.


Duncan Udawatta 


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