How To Install A Cargo Net In Your Overland Vehicle

A cargo net is very useful when overlanding. If there is anything I hate is not being able to access things on the go. A cargo net in my 4x4 helps me to be well organised so that it is of easy access my gear. Not having to climb over mountains of clothing and camping gear to get to something at the bottom of the pile makes my van life a lot more easier.

To be organised I try to utilise as much of unused space available in my 4x4 vehicle.

I have removed the back seat of my Land Cruiser, in this space I load camping gear and other stuff which dont go at the back of the vehicle. These are mostly things my wife and I would like to access on the go.

One of the problems we find ourselves in when overlanding is, we keep chucking blankets, jackets, pillows on to the back of the cabin area. This eventually turns into a mountain. So in order to utilise the unused space available on the ceiling I installed a cargo net. This has made a huge difference where we can now chuck all those light weight items.

In this video I talk you through the installation.

Links below to purchase the required materials:

Anchor Tracks 

Bungee/Shock Cord with Hooks 

Cargo net (make sure you get the size appropriate to your requirements)


Duncan Udawatta


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