How To Fix Some Issues in Hema Maps - GPS Tutorial

As a follow up to my videos on my off road navigation tablet it is time to talk about off road navigation with Hema maps and some of the initial frustrations you may have. Especially if you are new to using Hema maps.

Hema 4x4 maps Australia app is the most popular digital off road navigation tool for all those who are keen on overlanding this vast country. This video was inspired by a number of my subscribers who had trouble with the Hema user interface which is some cases can be frustrating.

Using Hema 4wd maps is a very useful as an off road navigation tool . Through the Hema cloud account you can create your own routes as well as look through routes created by others in the Hema cloud community. You can also import into your Hema cloud account routes created by others. These can then be synced with your off road navigation tablet which has the Hema Explorer app.

At the end of this video if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will answer them either as part of the next video or as a reply in the comments section.


Duncan Udawatta



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