Geocaching and Overlanding - It's a Heap Of Fun! Beginners Guide

Overlanding is the main focus of our channel. We always say, once the 4wheeling or off road touring bug bites you, it never leaves. Whilst this is a heap of fun, there is something else we add to our overlanding trips which takes the fun factor to another level.

When we were growing up, our parents would take us on camping trips and to keep us from getting bored they would organise treasure hunts. If we found the treasure then we got to keep the findings.

Today, with the availability of GPSs treasure hunting is at a whole different level with millions of people from all over the world involved in Geocaching.

Now if you have never tried, you may ask, what is geocaching or what is a geocache? To find out you may want to look through this video which is mainly aimed at those who are beginners into this fun activity.

In this video I talk about what is Geocaching , do a geocaching app tutorial and show how we incorporate it to our off road overlanding trips.

So the next time you are on a 4x4 camping adventure, gather some geocaching ideas and turn it also into a geocaching adventure because geocaches are everywhere!

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