Essential Outback Survival Kit For Off Road Overlanding

As off road overlanding 4x4 enthusiasts we carry all the gear we can think of. But one very important kit is a survival kit. So, in this video I talk about my overland survival kit which I feel should be part of all overland travellers' essential outback survival gear.

What should be in an overland survival kit or what is the must have outback survival gear can vary from individual to individual. However, in the case of a dire straights situation where I have a matter of seconds to abandon my 4x4 and run for dear life there is one thing I grab. For me this is my must have outback travel survival kit.

It is my belief that unexpected situations can crop up during off road overland travel. Some can be extreme situations. We as overlanders hope this never happens, but the sensible thing to do is be prepared. Especially in off road travel in Australia where the distances to civilisation can be many hundreds of kilometres away. For this reason the survival kit should be a lot more than just a first aid kit. It should also include items such as a PLB, food, water and other essentials.

In this video I list out all the items in grab bag which I feel is my essential outback travel survival kit.


Duncan Udawatta

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