Bunny Chow | South Africa

HOW to make a bunny chow

Bunny Chow is a very popular South African street food. Also perfect preparation as a camp fire cook.

We prepared this during our camping trip to Mt Crawford forest reserve in September. It was a cold night and the Bunny Chow was a perfect way to warm up ourselves from the inside. 

Simply put a Bunny Chow is a half a loaf of bread stuffed with a mouth watering curry (beef, chicken, lamb, mutton or veg). You could say a South African version of a burger. 

The key is on the stuffing. In our case (during this trip) we decided on a spicy Sri Lankan style beef curry. 


-Mini loaf of bread               -Cubed beef                     -Onions chopped

-Potatoes cubed                 -Garlic chopped                -Bay leaves

-Curry leaves                       -Salt & Pepper                  - Curry powder

-Chilli powder                      -Turmeric powder              

-Olive oil                              -Vinegar


Pre heat the pot, pour in some Olive oil and let the oil warm up.

Once the oil is hot enough, put in the onions, garlic, bay leaves and curry leaves. Regularly stirring let this caramelise. Once ready, place the cubed beef in the pot. Stir throughly  so the caramelised ingredients is evenly mixed with all the beef. Close the pot lid, letting the vapour inside to cook the beef. Constantly stir to make sure the beef does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Do this for about five minutes.

Now put in the chilli powder, turmeric, salt & pepper and curry powder as your pallet desires. Here again, throughly mix everything and leave in the pot with the lid closed for about five to ten minutes. 

Now add water to make the curry. You can also add some milk to the water. Coconut milk is also a great idea for that added flavour.  Throw into this the potatoes. 

Now sit back and relax whilst the curry simmers on low heat until the beef has been cooked to your liking. 

Once the the curry has been prepared, take the loaf of bread and cut it in half. Pull out the inners of the bread making sure not to remove the bottom end. Pour in a generous amount of curry into the hollow you created in the bread. Put back the inners that was removed. Pour more curry over the bread. 

That's it!! :)


Duncan & Ajanie


Here is our Mt Crawford camping video. The cooking segment starts at 14:55.